The work I am creating is an investigation into an alternate universe and world of my own construction. With drawing as my point of departure I invent my own cosmology derived from scientific theories, the natural world, science fiction and unexplained phenomena such as teleportation and the existence of multiple dimensions. I am interested in the intersections between physical, digital and psychological spaces while primarily focusing on the use of landscapes in order to solicit curiosity and desire for exploration. The work connects disparate elements and ideas about space and how they can be depicted, often moving between representational, pictorial image and abstract forms.Through mining real life accounts of mysterious events with equally compelling fictive stories of the future and ancient past I attempt to make drawings that hold the same sort of metaphysical power that the exploration of historic as well as esoteric and scientific study often exudes.

Most recently my drawings are coming from researching declassified FBI reports of UFO’s during and after World War II. Along with this research I have long been interested in idea of monoliths and their historical significance within human history as well as their appearance in science fiction. These ideas are translated through abstract image rendering to create my most recent series “Foo Fighters”. The conceptual basis for my work is about a fascination with these stories and blurring the lines between fantasy and reality through a language of abstract metaphor and material fascination.